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Tormek | Accessory Short Tool Jig Attachment SVS-38

by Tormek
Original price R 499.00 - Original price R 499.00
Original price R 499.00
R 499.00
R 499.00 - R 499.00
Current price R 499.00

The Tormek SVS-38 Short Tool Jig Attachment is a superb upgrade on the previous model SVS-32. It can handle tools up to 38mm wide as long as the tool is at least 44mm long.

The new SVS-38 Jig has two parallel flanges running on both sides of the Universal Support. This design ensures that the tool being sharpened is square to the grindstone, even while the tool is being rotated as when sharpening a gouge, to permit the user to concentrate on the edge, not the jig.

It is worth noting that Tormek engineers its jigs with both the past and the future in mind, so that if you have an older machine, this new jig will work, and it will work on the latest Tormek 15 years from now.