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Tork Craft | Mandrel 7/16" SDS Plus 32-152mm with pins

SKU TC17009
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Original price R 169.00
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Mandrel for hole saws

Mandrel shank: SDS Plus
Drill bit diameter: Ø6.35mm
Hole saws: Bi-metal Ø32-152mm


The mandrel is specially designed to fit in a SDS Plus rotary hammer drill.

The supplied pilot drill bit can only be used with Bi-metal hole saws that are able to cut into metal, wood and plastics.

The mandrel should not be used with percussion or hammer action.

Mandrel replacement pilot drill bits:

  • Ø6.35 x 115mm (extra long) for bi-metal hole saws - TC00001
  • Ø6.35 x 70mm for bi-metal hole saws - TC00002
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) series hole saws - TC00003
  • Carbide grit hole saws - TC00004
  • Diamond coated hole saws - TC00006