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Makita | Brushes 440

R 69.90

  • Makita carbon brush set

Set of two replacement CB-440 carbon brushes compatible with the following Makita power tools:

  • Makita BDA340 angle drill
  • Makita BDF440 drill driver
  • Makita BDF441 drill driver
  • Makita BDF442 drill driver
  • Makita BDF450 drill driver
  • Makita BDF451 drill driver
  • Makita BDF452 drill driver
  • Makita BFR440 auto-feed screw gun
  • Makita BFR550 auto-feed screw gun
  • Makita BFR750 auto-feed screw gun
  • Makita BFS440 driver
  • Makita BFS450 driver
  • Makita BFS451 driver
  • Makita BHP440 combi drill
  • Makita BHP441 combi drill
  • Makita BHP442 combi drill
  • Makita BHP450 combi drill
  • Makita BHP451 combi drill
  • Makita BHP452 combi drill
  • Makita BTD140 impact driver
  • Makita BTP130 combi drill
  • Makita BTP140 combi drill
  • Makita BTS130 impact driver
  • Makita BTW250 twin impact drill
  • Makita BTW251 impact driver
  • Makita DDF446 drill driver
  • Makita DDF458 drill driver
  • Makita DFS451 drill driver
  • Makita DHP456 combi drill
  • Makita DHP458 combi drill
  • Makita DTD146 impact driver
  • Makita DTW251 impact wrench