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DeWalt | Cyclone Dust Separator

by DeWalt
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Cyclone Dust Separator

Introducing the DEWALT Cyclone Dust Collection Separator - the ultimate solution for a cleaner and more efficient workshop! This powerful separator captures up to 99% of dust and debris, preventing filter clogs and maintaining strong airflow.

What is a Dust Cyclone Separator?

A Dust Cyclone Separator is a device that separates dust and debris from the air before it reaches the vacuum cleaner. It does this by creating a vortex that causes the heavier particles to fall into a collection bin, while the lighter particles are pulled into the vacuum cleaner. This not only keeps the dust and debris from clogging the vacuum cleaner filter but also helps to improve its suction power.

Making Your Own Dust Collector?

You can use this Cyclone Separator to make you own collection unit. You would need to fit it onto any airtight container, such as a bucket or drum.

Benefits of using a Dust Cyclone Separator with a vacuum cleaner for woodworking:

  • Increased suction power: You can increase the suction power of your vacuum cleaner. This is because the separator removes the heavier particles before they reach the filter, preventing clogging and reducing the load on the vacuum motor. This means that your vacuum cleaner can work more efficiently.
  • Improved air quality: Woodworking produces a lot of dust, and inhaling that dust can be harmful to your health. By using a Dust Cyclone Separator, you can remove most of the dust from the air before it is released back into your workshop.
  • Longer filter life: When woodworking, the dust can quickly clog up the filter in your vacuum cleaner, reducing its effectiveness and requiring filter replacements. By using a Dust Cyclone Separator, you can extend the life of your filter as it is not exposed to the majority of the dust and debris.
  • Cost-effective: Using a Dust Cyclone Separator with your existing vacuum cleaner is a more affordable option, as it increases the life span of your dust filter and dust bags.
  • Easier to empty: Emptying a dust bag can be messy, especially when it’s full of sawdust and other debris. With a Dust Cyclone Separator, the debris is collected in a separate bin, making it easier and less messy to empty.