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Luban | Woodworking Hand Planes - BPM Toolcraft

Qiangsheng Luban has been producing woodworking hand planes of exceptionally high quality since 1997 and has garnered an excellent reputation for producing quality woodworking tools.  The  factory is located within an economic zone on the banks of Hangzhou Bay in China.
Qiangsheng products are marketed worldwide, and are sold in the USA under the Woodriver brand. In other parts of the world, their products are sold under the Qiangsheng, and Luban brands.
In Southern Africa, The products are sold exclusively by Toolcraft under the Luban brand.
The name Luban is taken from a man famous in Chinese history, Lu Ban (507-444BC) who was a Master Carpenter, Cabinetmaker, Builder & Inventor and has been credited with the inventions of the Square, Drill, Plane and Shovel amongst others. His wife was also credited with the invention of the umbrella!
Lu Ban is regarded as the "Father of Chinese Carpentry"
All Luban Woodworking Tools come with a 5 Year Guarantee.
Shop our wide range of Luban woodworking hand planes. Buy quality carpentry tools at Toolcraft today! Free national shipping over R1250.
Luban is an imported brand and therefore takes some time to arrive. We are aware of the low stock. More stock of Luban has been ordered and will be arriving in December 2021/January 2022. Thank you for your patience.