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Wood Repair | Thermelt® Knot Filler Sticks Black

SKU WR10015
Original price R 649.00 - Original price R 649.00
Original price R 649.00
R 649.00
R 649.00 - R 649.00
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  • Thermelt® Knot Filler is a unique product for repairing all kinds of knots, cracks, splits, defects, etc. in wood
  • It is easy and quick to use, durable and strong at the same time
  • Knot Filler is both water-repellent and flexible, which also makes it perfect for outdoor use
  • It is a non-toxic product, safe for the user and environment 
  • Ready to use
  • Flexible (Works with seasonal expansion & contraction of wood)
  • Durable
  • Compatible with Oil, Lacquer, Stain & Paint
  • UV Safe
  • Minimal Wastage - Cost-Effective
  • Does not sink below the surface
  • Perfect for All Types of Wood
  • Handles temperature changes
  • Hardens in seconds
  • For Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Thermelt® Knot Filler Sticks are available  in sealed aluminium bags
  • Bags contain either eight 150mm x Ø12mm Thermelt® Filler Sticks or nine 300mm x Ø12mm Thermelt Filler Sticks per bag