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Winkswood Polish Restorer, Salad Dressing, 250ml

R 119.90


Winkswood "Salad Dressing" Polish Restorer is an old recipe that has been passed down via French Polishers, Antique Restorers & Collectors for over a century.

The recipe contains all completely natural ingredients and is safe to use on ANY finish. It is ideal to clean up a piano, grandfather clock or your antiques.


Above images are before and after examples of the efficacy of Winkswood Polish Restorer.

Winkswood "Salad Dressing" Polish Restorer contains only linseed oil, vinegar and natural turpentine. Once applied, it leaves a wonderful clean smelling odour which emanates from these natural ingredients.

Winkswood "Salad Dressing" Polish Restorer has previously only been available in-store at Toolcraft, however due to increased demand, we are now proud to add this wonderful and easy to use product to our online store.

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