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Winkswood | Polish Restorer 'Salad Dressing' 250ml

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  • Winkswood "Salad Dressing" Polish Restorer is an old recipe that has been passed down via French Polishers, Antique Restorers and collectors for over a century
  • The recipe contains all completely natural ingredients and is safe to use on ANY finish. It is ideal to clean up a piano, grandfather clock or your antiques
  • Winkswood "Salad Dressing" Polish Restorer contains only natural ingredients. Once applied, it leaves a wonderful clean-smelling odour that emanates from these natural ingredients
  • Winkswood "Salad Dressing" Polish Restorer has previously only been available in-store at Toolcraft, however, due to increased demand, we are now proud to add this wonderful and easy-to-use product to our online store
  • Shake the bottle and apply some Winkswood Polish Restorer to a piece of mutton cloth or T-Shirting. Clean your piece of furniture one section at a time. Rub up each section with a yellow duster or microfibre cloth.
  • This product helps clean the surface and cover up minor surface damage.