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Veritas | Shooting Board Fence Kit Variable Angle Adjustable

by Veritas
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Veritas has become a leader in product development, more than meeting the needs of discerning woodworkers. The Veritas team combine talent with modern manufacturing to make each Veritas product your lifelong companion.

Adjustable Variable Angle Shooting Board Fence Kit

The new Veritas Shooting Board Fence Kit will advance your shooting board to a whole new level! The Fence lets you construct a shooting board that doesn’t limit you to one angle – it is adjustable to let you easily shoot mitres of various angles as well!.

A clever Spring-Loaded Button registers the fence at the following fixed detents:

  • 0° - for 90º Shooting
  • 18º - for Shooting a Ten Sided Frame
  • 22.5°- for Shooting an Eight Sided Frame
  • 25.7° - for Shooting a Seven Sided Frame
  • 30° - for Shooting a Six Sided Frame
  • 36° - for Shooting a Five Sided Frame
  • 45° - for Shooting a Four Sided Frame
  • 60º - for Shooting a Three Sided Frame

This Spring Loaded Button allows you to quickly adjust the fence for shooting at any of the angle presets. For any angles in between the presets, the fence locks in place with a gyratory handle.

The Veritas Shooting Board Fence is cast from a strong zinc-aluminium alloy, with steel and brass fittings. It is easily installed on a user-made shooting board in either a right-hand or left-hand configuration, using the included mounting hardware.

A slot in the fence face accepts an adjustable user-made wooden sacrificial extension, which helps prevent grain blow-out by supporting stock from behind.

Veritas Shooting Board Track Kits are available from Toolcraft in 16" (406mm) and 24" (610mm) lengths.