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Tormek | Bench Grinder Mounting Set, BGM-100

R 1,529.00


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could use your Tormek Turning Tool Jigs on your bench grinder? Now you can!

With the Tormek’s Bench Grinder Mount, you can use all Tormek woodturning jigs on any size bench grinder; the Gouge Jig, Multi Jig, and Tool Rest. The package includes a Universal Support, a horizontal base, hardware, feet for the base you will build, and a very comprehensive instruction booklet for building the base and safely using the dry grinder to shape your tools.

  • Use your bench grinder with TORMEK jigsGrind your tools to shape more quickly
  • The grinder mount can be mounted to either or both sides of your grinder
  • No more trial and error getting the right shape
  • Works with gouge Jig, Multi Jig, and Torlock Tool Rest