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Tormek | Accessory Rotating Base fits all Tormek Sharpening Machines RB-180

by Tormek
SKU RB-180
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Original price R 950.00
R 950.00
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Tormek machines are solid, stable, and heavy – all desirable features, but ones that make it difficult to easily turn the machines to take advantage of the best possible sharpening position or direction of rotation.

The RB-180 changes that! It’s a substantial rotating platform with rubber feet and a locking mechanism that your Tormek simply sits on. When you need to swap ends, disengage the lock, rotate 180° until the lock re-engages, and continue sharpening.

Perhaps best of all, the chaps at Tormek have designed the RB-180 to fit the T-7, T-3, the 2000, the 1200 plus the SA-250 and N-1500.

  • Easily rotate the Tormek 180°
  • Adds negligible sharpening height
  • Fits a variety of new and older Tormek Sharpening Machines