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Tork Craft | Compounding Sponge 150mm X M14 | TCCS15014-5

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  • Pattern: Waffle
  • Density: Soft
  • Colour: Black
  • Diameter: 150mm
  • Thread/Velcro: M14


  • The compounding sponge should be used with an automotive polisher

It is necessary to polish a vehicle body panel when:

  • The panel has been newly painted with a clear-coat
  • Shallow scratch marks need to be removed
  • The panel has suffered from oxidation
  • Swirl marks and hologram defects need to be removed

Compounding sponge uses:

COLOUR          POLISH          COMPOUND
White                Good              Best
Orange              Good              Best
Red                    Best                  
Black                  Best


  • For the Ø200mm velcro compounding sponges, use the M14 backing pad SPC00106

Recommended polishing compounds to use:

  • Liquid Shine™ High cut - Features a silicone, wax and filler free polishing compound to give a high gloss finish on fresh or cured paint. It is capable of removing P1500 grit sanding marks. It can be used on automotive paints, marine gel-coats and on composite surfaces.
  • Liquid Shine™ Fine cut - similar to the High cut polishing compound, but it is designed for use on a ceramic and scratch resistant clear-coat. It is capable of removing P2000 scratch marks.
  • Liquid Shine™ Zero swirl - Very low abrasive for the final step of polishing. Removes holograms and swirl marks. Use a soft compounding sponge as a final step