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Toolmate | Combination Planer/Thicknesser | TMPTB260X

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This combination Planer/Thicknesser is a light industrial rated machine that is used to plane wood to the correct width and thickness. Because it is also a surfacer, it allows the user to get rid of twists, cups and bows prior to thicknessing.

    Made mainly from cast iron, it’s a very heavy machine and an excellent choice for the serious woodworker. The mass of the machine dampens much of the vibration and this, together with the helical head type cutter block spinning at 4,000rpm, results in a very clean finish, especially on cross grained wood.The infeed and outfeed rollers can be deactivated when surfacing-resulting in less wear and more power to the cutterhead.The aluminium tilting fence offer exceptional accuracy and stability and is adjustable from 0⁰(90⁰)-45⁰
    The dust extraction hood is positioned underneath the table for surfacing and must swing upwards when thicknessing. Both the top tables must be tilted out of the way when thicknessing. The machine is fitted with anti kickback fingers to avoid any kickback when thicknessing. The helical head cutterblock is fitted with 6 rows of cutters, arranged in a helical spiral. Cutters are staggered in such a way that each cutting edge overlaps the one in front of it, resulting in a very smooth finish. These 14 x14mm x 1.5mm cutters each has 4 cutting edges and can easily be swiveled to reveal a new cutting edge in case they becomes blunt or damaged (Cutters are throw-away type and can't be re-sharpened) . Both top tables are independently adjustable to ensure that they remain co-planer.The machine is fitted with electrical safety switches to avoid accidental starting without the dust extraction hood in place.
    The ticknessing table has a locking lever that will ensure stability in the thickness setting. Machine must be used with a dust collector. NB) Apply wax to the thicknessing table on a regular basis.

    • Motor: 1,100W
    • Planing table size: 250 x 1,050mm
    • Thicknessing table size: 250 x 600mm
    • Cutter block diameter: 75mm
    • Feeding rollers diameter: 40mm
    • Cutter block: Helical head type with 72 individual cutters(14 x 14 x 1.5mm) Replacement cutters available in pack of 10
    • Fence tilt: 0 to 45 degrees
    • Dust chute diameter: 100mm
    • Maximum planing width: 250mm
    • Maximum thicknessing width: 250mm
    • Maximum cutting depth: 2.5mm
    • Maximum thicknessing height: 180mm
    • Cutter block speed: 4,000rpm
    • Feed speed: 8m/min
    • Packing size: 1,150 x 530 x 920mm
    • Net/gross weight: 148/170kg