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Toolcraft | Mutton Cloth 400g

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   400g Mutton Cloth

  • 100% cotton low linting mutton cloth
  • When you need a tough low linting cloth our 400g mutton cloth is the answer

Mutton Cloth Uses

Mutton cloth is a type of material usually made from 100% cotton, although some are made from synthetic materials. Mutton cloth is an essential in many South African homes because of the versatility of the cloth and the fact that it can be reused a number of times before being discarded. .

DIY enthusiasts use mutton cloth in numerous applications because it does not scratch delicate surfaces. Mutton cloth can be used to wipe away sawdust during woodwork projects and to apply wood stain to a newly created piece of furniture. Mutton cloth can also be used to apply polish to wooden surfaces. Garages and vehicle servicing centres use mutton cloth when working on vehicles to clean up accidental oil spills. It is also used to wipe greasy or dirty hands and to apply and remove polish from vehicles.

As mutton cloth is often unbleached and made of natural materials it is also widely used in the kitchen and may be referred to as cheese cloth. Mutton cloth is used to strain liquids from food, keep food fresh and for steam cooking. Chefs, butchers and game hunters use mutton cloth to store cuts of meat in to maintain the freshness of the meat during refrigeration.

Mutton cloth is also used to clean surfaces in and around the house as well as in public areas such as hospitals, schools and supermarkets. The excellent absorbent qualities of mutton cloth also make it useful clean up spills. It is an inexpensive cleaning tool, and as mutton cloth is sold in rolls one can simply cut off a section and store the rest for later use. Mutton cloth can be used to effectively clean windows because of the lint free properties of the cloth.