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Milescraft | Biscuits - Bottle #0 125Pc

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Milescraft Biscuits - Bottle #0

  • Join together 2 pieces of wood composite panels
  • Improve the bond between 2 pieces of wood; edge-to-edge, mortise joints, tenon joints, flush joints, and angled joints
  • Provided in a bottle that protects biscuits from moisture to prevent swelling prior to use
  • Use with any plate joiner or router bit designed to cut a 5/32″ slot
  • Compressed hardwood biscuit expands when using water-based based wood glue for strong solid joints
  • Reusable bottle includes and stores 125 biscuits

Tip: Store your biscuits in a cool, dry place to prevent swelling. If you find that your biscuits have swollen, due to moisture, place in oven on low heat (150ºto 200º) for 30 to 60 minutes to extract the moisture that caused the biscuit to swell.