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Milescraft | Bench Clamp 6"

SKU 824007
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Original price R 679.00
R 679.00
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  • The Milescraft  6″ (152mm) Bench Clamp is perfect for pocket hole joinery, project construction, general clamping, drilling, routing, cutting and more
  • The clamps can be mounted to most clamp tracks on the market, work benches and even drill presses with complete 360° rotation


  • Padded Swivel Pad:
    • Ensuring there is no marring on your workpiece
    • Distribute clamping force evenly
  • Jaw Capacity:
    • 6″ reach (152mm)
    • For clamping on a variety of material thicknesses up to 5″ (127mm) thick
  • Adjustable Capacity Handle Knob:
    • Easily allows for quick adjustment of jaw capacity, with comfort
  • Over-Moulded, Comfort Handles:
    • Designed to comfortably fit in your hand for maximum clamping pressure

The Milescraft 6″ Bench Clamp is Ideal for:

  • Pocket Hole Joinery
  • Construction of Woodworking
  • Project Construction
  • Welding
  • Repairs
  • and Many More Applications in and around the Workshop