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Luban | Rebating Block Plane with Bronze Lever Cap

by Luban
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Rebating Block Plane

The Luban Rebating Block Plane has the advantage of being able to reach into an internal corner. Think of it as a broad, comfortable shoulder Plane rather than a block plane with added versatility and you won't go far wrong.

It pays to always treat any open sided planes a little more gently than standard ones, particularly when it comes to tightening down the iron. The continuous U section of a Rebating Block Plane provides a good deal of its stiffness, making it more important than usual to apply the minimum force necessary to hold the blade in position.

  • Bronze Cap and Brass Fittings
  • T10 Iron hardened to RC60-63
  • Sole Dimensions: 165mm x 44mm
  • Bed angle: 12º
  • Supplied with a 25º cutting iron

    T10 Steel, also known as Tool Steel or High Speed Steel is the designation for an alloy made of Carbon steel and Tungsten (W1 in the United States of America). The alloy contains a higher tenor of Carbon compared to other Carbon Steels (about 1%) and a small fraction of silicon (0.35%).

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