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Kreg | Multi-Purpose Project Blocks KR KFS-PUCK

by Kreg
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Original price R 599.00
R 599.00
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Kreg Multi-Purpose Project Blocks - Support, hold, and work on projects anywhere!

These incredibly versatile blocks elevate your material to sit 1½ Inch above the work surface for convenient sanding, finishing, routing, and much more. The Blocks feature a GripMaxx™ surface on each face – one side to grip your workpiece, and one side to prevent the Blocks from moving around on your workstation. That’s great for tasks like sanding when you don’t want anything slipping and sliding.

Elevating the material makes routing edges easier with added clearance for the router bit. The height also gives clamps room to fit the clamp head under the workpiece – which is useful for drilling pocket holes or assembling your project. When it comes to painting or finishing, use the retractable painting point with GripMaxx™ for a little extra height. Just twist the project block to raise the point to rest your material on – the painting points won’t even stick to it or ruin your finish.

  • Retractable painting points
  • GripMaxx anti-slip surfaces
  • Hexagon shape won't roll
  • Convenient 1,5 Inch height
  • 200-lb. (92kg) capacity (set of 4)