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Klingspor | Stick On Pads 9 Hole 150mm each

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Original price R 179.00
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  • The Klingspor self-adhesive disc offers customers the round counterpart to Klingspor’s adhesive strips
  • Designed for use on random orbital sanders, this self-adhesive disc provides the following benefits:                                                                                                         quick change of the abrasive                                                                                   easy and secure attachment                                                                                     can be cut to custom sizes
  • 150mm Diameter
  • 9 vent holes

The Klingspor hook and loop disc is self-adhesive and can be attached anywhere thanks to its self-fastening back. Its backing is made of a heavy fabric that offers exceptional strength. Once attached, the abrasive can be quickly changed on any machine thanks to the self-fastening support. To ensure compatibility with the widest possible range of attachments, the self-adhesive disc comes in a large number of different sizes. The product affords the user the greatest possible flexibility as the self-fastening support also allows a quick change and easy replacement of the abrasive disc at any time.

The self-adhesive disc by Klingspor is designed for use with handheld machines. Since it can be cut to custom sizes, the product eliminates the need for relying on the replacements provided by the sanding equipment manufacturer. The disc version of the Klingspor self-adhesive disc, for instance, offers a wide range of application options for professionals and keen do-it-yourselfers alike.


  • Metals

  • Wood and wood-based materials

  • Paint/ Varnish/Filler

  • Steel

  • NF metals

  • Plastic

  • Stainless steel

  • Glass

  • Aluminium

  • Titanium

  • Leather

  • Mineral-based materials

  • Plastic