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Klingspor | Abrasive Discs 125mm PS 33 BK 8 Hole 100Pc - Various Grits

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Grit: 40G

    Abrasive disc PS 33 BK for random orbital sanders

    One key advantage of the abrasive disc PS 33 BK by Klingspor is the straightforward attachment to the sander thanks to its hook and loop backing. This backing makes it a cinch to attach these abrasive discs to sanders that also possess a hook and loop backing pad and provides for a strong connection thanks to the flexible barbs. This hook and loop attachment ensures that the abrasive disc is always positioned flat and straight. The PS 33 BK is always the right choice for sanding on

    • varnish,
    • wood and paint as well as
    • filler.

    These discs are made available in different sizes as well as with and without a hole pattern because Klingspor carries the matching dimension for all common sanders. The product also comes with a wide selection of grit sizes to allow for the best possible processing of the various materials.

    Aluminium oxide with a semi-open coating – abrasive disc for various applications

    The material of the abrasive grain is of key importance to stock removal during sanding. Today’s abrasives are coated with synthetic grains that are particularly durable and efficient and offer the added advantage of being available in different degrees of hardness and toughness. The grain is made of aluminium oxide, an abrasive grain that is exceedingly hard and tough. Aluminium oxide is marked by its crystalline characteristics and irregular shapes, which allow for a high removal rate. The grit is applied with a semi-open coating, which makes it ideal for sanding varnish as well as wood and paint. The greater chip clearance created by this coating allows the abrasive dust to dissipate, keeping it from accumulating and ultimately clogging the abrasive disc PS 33 BK. This quality contributes to an extended service life of the abrasive disc.

    Abrasive disc PS 33 BK on a paper backing (B-paper) with synthetic resin bond

    The PS 33 BK is based on a paper backing (B-paper) and ideally suited for surface sanding applications. The B-paper can be cut to size, torn off an bent with ease, making this abrasive disc equally suitable for hand sanding in hard-to-reach places if no abrasive paper is handy that is designed specifically for that purpose. The synthetic resin bond contributes to the reliable anchoring and embedding of the grain. The grain is first bonded to the paper backing of the abrasive disc PS 33 BK before being coated with a synthetic resin top size coat resin. This coat keeps the grains firmly and securely in place. The synthetic resin will wear off from the surface of the grains during initial use.

    • Diameter: 125mm
    • Bonding Agent: Resin
    • Grain: Aluminium Oxide
    • Coating: Semi-Open
    • Backing: B-Paper
    • Hole Pattern: GLS5 - 8 Holes Ø 10mm on hole circle Ø 65mm
    • Pack Quantity: Box of 100 Discs