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Kakuri | Ryoba Saw 180mm

by Kakuri
SKU 41299
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180mm Ryoba Saw

  • "Ryoba" is the Japanese word for "Double Edged"
  • The double sided Gikoh Ryoba Pull Saw made by Kakuri lives up to its name
  • It has a double sided blade and features one side for ripping and the other side for crosscutting
  • The handle features quick lever action to change the replaceable blades
  • The mechanism to hold the blade is unique in that it is streamlined to eliminate any chance of the latch getting in the way of your material
  • Unlike some other saws on the market, the Kakuri Gikoh Ryoba’s Latch will always keep your blade straight and secure
  • The blade cuts easily and straight on both sides in many types of timber


  • Blade Length: 180mm
  • Multi-purpose crosscut and ripping pull saw