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Dremel | SC Starter Set (SC406)

by Dremel
SKU 2615S406JC
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SC Mandrel and 2 Metal Cutting Wheels, for cuts in hardened steel etc

What can you do with it?
  • For slicing and cutting metal including hardened steel
  • Ideal for cutting, grooving and trimming all kinds of metal
  • Cut-off wheels make it easy to cut bolts or screws or make slots in rusted or stripped bolts and screws for removal with a screwdriver
  • Reinforced with fiberglass for increased durability
  • The SC409 wheels have a thickness of just 0.75 mm for even thinner cuts
How to use?
  • Use with SC402 Mandrel
  • The Dremel exclusive Easy Speedclic (SC) mechanism, makes wheel changing keyless, easy and fast: PULL - TWIST – RELEASE

Cutting wheels only work on their edge

  • We recommend using a (two-handed) golf grip when using this accessory, and using the right angle attachment when a cut is hard to reach
  • To keep the disc life as long as possible, do not apply excessive pressure and do not exceed the RPM limits

Materials to use on

  • This cut-off disk can be used on different metal types, like aluminum, copper, cast iron or even hardened steel
Recommended speeds
  • Aluminium: 35,000rpm
  • Brass: 35,000rpm
  • Copper: 35,000rpm
  • Steel: 35,000rpm