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Dasqua | 200mm Digital Vernier Calliper Metal Housing

by Dasqua
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Original price R 1,309.00
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200mm Digital Vernier Calliper Metal Housing

Dasqua 2115-2310 electronic caliper; It is a thickness measuring device that can measure 200mm, that is, 20cm in length, with an accuracy of 0.01mm, and that, unlike other calipers, has a metal case in the section where the indicator is.

  • Our Dasqua 2115-2310 digital caliper model can make precise measurements between 0 and 200mm
  • Thanks to the mm and inch measurement function of this caliper, you can measure with two different measurement units
  • The device has IP54 protection against water splashes and dust
  • Our Dasqua 2115-2310 electronic caliper range; It can measure inner diameter, outer diameter and depth
  • The casing around the indicator of the 2115-2310 electronic caliper is metal unlike other models. At the same time, other parts are metal
  • You can turn this caliper on or off with the "On/Off" button of this caliper with metal indicator
  • You can switch between measurement units with "mm/inch" buttons
  • Thanks to the LCD screen on the device, you can display the measured values ​​digitally on the large LCD
  • With the "ZERO" button, you can reset the measured values ​​and make the device ready for the new measurement
  • There is a locking screw on the top of the caliper. With this screw, you can both adjust the tightness of the device while measuring and lock the device completely
  • Caliper works with CR2032 battery.


  • Measuring Range: 0-200mm
  • Resolution: 0.01mm
  • Protection Class: IP54