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Bosch | Circular Saw Blade 254 x 30mm x 80T Eco for Aluminium

by Bosch
SKU 2608644413
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Circular Saw Blade 254mm x 80T Eco for Aluminium

  • The Bosch ECO saw blade is designed for clean and precise sawing of workpieces made of wood, wood-containing materials, laminate, plastic, non-ferrous metals (aluminium) 
  • The ATB and ATB / N carbide variable teeth used at Bosch "ECO" make precise and ultra-clean cuts thanks to the special sharpening of the highest quality
  • The use of modern technologies in the manufacture of such discs guarantees excellent results, which is confirmed by numerous user reviews


Outer Diameter mm 254
Bore Size mm 30
Bore With Reduction Ring mm 25,4
Width Of Cut (B1) Mm / Base Bl. Thickness (B2) mm 3/2.2
Number Of Teeth 80
Tooth Shape TCG
Max. Rotation Speed (RPM) 6000
Cutting Result 3
Hook Angle ° Α 7
Relief Angle ° Β 13
Materials That Can Be Processed
MDF Board Laminated
Wood-Wool Slab
Acoustic Panels
Coated Plate