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BORA | NGX Clamp Edge Extension with Connectors 50"

R 1,149.00
SKU 022544060

BORA NGX Clamp Edge Extension with Connectors 50" 

The NGX Clamp Edge System™ makes it faster and simpler to break down sheet material — rip and crosscut boards with clean, accurate cuts every time. NGX gives you track saw-like precision without the hefty price tag.

  • Fits into NGX Clamp Edge saw guide to increase length by 50 inches
  • Easily attached with metal connectors
  • Made of heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum for extreme durability

It’s never been easier to rip, crosscut, and break down material than with the all-new NGX Clamp Edge™ System. No more fumbling with adjustable clamp ends on opposite sides of the straight edge — the adjustable clamp is connected to the handle. Simply hook the Clamp Edge across your board, line it up with your cut, and clamp it down — all without moving your feet.