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AirCraft | Spray Gun HVLP 1,4mm Nozzle 600cc

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HVLP spray gun - 1,4mm (HVLP - High Volume Low Pressure)

  • The success behind an HVLP spray gun, is the low amount of overspray
  • This is achieved by having an improved atomization, by using a lower air pressure and a higher volume of airflow


  • Cast aluminium body construction
  • Comfortable, balanced and easy to control by having the gravity cup angled slightly backwards
  • Light in weight, thanks to the aluminium body
  • Easy spray pattern and fluid control adjustment
  • Stainless steel fluid tip and needle
  • Rotatable air cap to change spray pattern direction

When spray finishing, it's always advised to keep the spray gun parallel to the workpiece surface. The distance from the surface of the workpiece should be the width of the spray pattern.

The lower the pressure of the air, the lower the chance to have bounce-back (overspray). The pressure should only be increased when the spray pattern is uneven - paint focused in the middle when the fan setting is wide.