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Suehiro Sharpening Stones | Bpm Toolcraft

Natural whetstones have a unique sharpening quality. For example, a Japanese sword sharpened with a natural finishing whetstone has an indescribable glow and beautiful pattern on its surface. This kind of polishing quality is the distinctive character of natural whetstones.

However, there are drawbacks of natural whetstones. For example, they sometimes contain some impurities, which leave scratches on knives. Also, they are likely to break naturally and have a different consistency. Furthermore, they are quite expensive. These are the reasons why people have moved away from using natural whetstones.

Suehiro investigated whetstone production based on reasonable price, user-friendliness, and stable quality. Finally, they succeeded in producing the synthetic whetstones they now have.

Synthetic whetstones are often thought to be inferior to natural ones in their value, however, in terms of coarse and medium sharpening, synthetic whetstones are actually superior to natural whetstones.

Suehiro manage the whole manufacturing process of whetstones from R&D to production aiming to maximise the quality of sharpening, which rival and in most cases surpasses that of natural stones.