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Rust-Oleum - Trusted Quality Since 1921

Solving challenges is the very foundation of who Rust-Oleum is. After all, in the beginning, their founder, sea captain Robert Fergusson, didn’t particularly care about paint. He just wanted to keep his ship intact.

That’s why, when he noticed that an accidental splash of fish oil had stopped the relentless spread of corrosion on his rusty metal deck, he immediately recognised it for what it was: A valuable solution. 

Rust-Oleum History

The same passion that drove the Captain to spend his next few years creating the world’s first rust-preventative paint still drives the company today. When they see a problem, they work diligently until they have perfected a solution—which has led to some of the most cutting-edge, durable and innovative products in the industry. 

If you have a surface that you need to protect or a look you want to transform, you’ve come to the right company. Rust-Oleum has a coating for every challenge. 

Welcome to Rust-Oleum, home of trusted quality—and powerful solutions—since 1921. 

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