Narex Woodworking Tools (Authorised South African Distributor)


98 Years of Toolmaking Excellence

It All Began in 1919...

The hand tool production in Bystrice u Benesova dates back to 1919, when the manufacturer Vaclav Richter founded a factory producing quality tools for woodworking. The business grew from its small beginnings to a company of European and world renown. In subsequent years, the business continued to expand with development not interrupted even by the 2nd World War, when the factory worked on two-shifts. 

By 1970, a new business name and registered trade mark "Narex" was established. The brand had come to stay in both domestic and international markets. 

A privatisation process completed in 1994, followed and NAREX BYSTRICE was established. Under the trademark NAREX, the company joined the ranks of major domestic and international hand tools producers. More than 40% of the production is regularly exported worldwide, with customers investing in Narex hand tools in over 45 countries. 

Ninety-eight years of hand tool production has led to ever evolving improvements in quality, through the use of superior materials, advanced heat treatment and also from the development of the tools’ design. 

Toolcraft  is extremely proud to be the appointed exclusive distributor of Narex Bystrice products for South Africa.