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Woodpeckers | Saw Gauge

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Woodpeckers Saw Gauge

Woodworkers spend hundreds or even thousands of Rands on a table saw, then spend hundreds more on high quality saw blades and still get burn marks when doing rip cuts. Even getting accurate results with a mitre gauge can be difficult when the blade alignment is off. In most cases this is the result of misalignment between the mitre slot, fence and blade.

For a perfect cut, the saw blade and rip fence must be dead parallel to the left hand mitre gauge slot. The most reliable and accurate way to do this is with a dial indicator and tool that rides perfectly up and down the mitre slot.

The new Woodpecker Saw Gauge is engineered to expertly satisfy this need. It's the first alignment tool that automatically adjusts to the width of the slot through the use of three precision ground steel pins. Regardless whether the slot is 5/8” wide like many older saws, ¾” wide like most current models or even somewhat over-sized; this unique arrangement will ensure a perfect fit and smooth traveling up and down the mitre slot. No tools, no adjustments, just instant alignment.

Another exclusive feature is its ability to be set one distance to align the blade then in an instant be reset to a different distance for checking the fence and back to the exact original location for comparison measurements. No knobs, no tools, no recalibration.

Please Note: The Dial Gauge is Imperial. There is technically no difference between using a Metric or an Imperial Dial Gauge for this application as what you are aiming for is measuring the blade at two positions in relation to the mitre slot and then measuring you fence at two positions in relation to the mitre slot to achieve co-planarity between the mitre slot, the blade and the fence. As long as your two relative readings are exactly the same, you are good.

All the parts of the Woodpecker Saw Gauge are made in the U.S.A. except for the dial indicator which is imported. Includes fitted storage case.