Woodpeckers Replacement Square Blade for Mini Scraper, Solid Carbide

  • R 229.90


Woodpeckers Solid Carbide Replacement Blades Start Sharp, Stay Sharp. Woodworkers know carbide tooling holds a sharp edge for a long time. Some years ago, carbide insert tooling was first used on spiral cutter heads for jointers and planers. This tooling offered four sharp edges on each insert. The Mini-Scraper delivers the same reusable convenience. 

Woodpeckers' optional square insert's edges are ground with a absolutely square for getting into square corners.

Scrapes Wet Or Dry Glue, Works Great In Tight Corners, Won't Rust. The Mini-Scraper's rugged carbide blade will pop the toughest dried glue right off your work. When you find dreaded dried glue in a tight corner, the Mini-Scraper removes it with ease.









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