Woodpeckers Router Table Top, Phenolic, 24" x 32" (610mm x 813mm)

  • R 6,299.90


Since 1993 Woodpeckers has manufactured laminated MDF router tables for the woodworking marketplace.They have always prided themselves on offering the best quality tables made from the best materials and most reliable processes available. They always knew that their laminated MDF router tables delivered better thickness and flatness consistency than most commonly available phenolic router tables.

That's why Woodpeckers waited until now to manufacture their own solid phenolic tables. After researching many different sources of solid phenolic and testing different kinds in a variety of products, they finally found a high quality material that meets the demanding requirements for a precision router table. Although a little more costly this material is by far the best available. To ensure consistently tight tolerances, Woodpeckers machine each one on their own state-of-the-art CNC equipment using high quality cutting tools for the best fit and finish.

Two different sizes are available, 24 x 32 (actual 23-1/2 x 31-1/2") - (597mm x 800mm) and 27 x 43 (actual 26.95 x 43) - (684mm x 1092mm). Both tables are 3/4" (19.05mm) thick and have a very low friction and wear resistant surface bonded to each face. Woodpeckers Phenolic Router Tables are not affected by humidity, heat or even water.

A combination mitre channel and T-track as well as two fence mounting tracks are embedded into the table top. Each table is pre-drilled with threaded holes for attaching to router table stands. The router plate opening is 9¼" x 11¾" by just over 3/8" deep with ¾" radius corners making it compatible with most standard router mounting plates and lifts.

The opening itself is offset back from the front edge by 13" for the 24 x 32 router table and 16-1/2" for the 27 x 43 table. In each case you'll have plenty of room for maneuvering raised panels, case work, molding and any other routing projects.

Made in U.S.A.

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