Woodpeckers Multi Knob 3/8" (9.5mm) 4 Pack

  • R 149.90


Of all jig and fixture hardware, few pieces are more prolific than knobs. A knob is the tool-less alternative to using bolts and nuts with a wrench. They're always there and are just one turn away from holding things in place or easily removing them.

Something that we touch and rely on for consistent functionality should get more consideration during the design process than just low cost. It's for that reason that Woodpeckers Tools undertook a “let's start over” approach to making their own knobs.

Introducing the new Woodpeckers Multi-Knob. A heavy duty, easy to grip, smooth contoured knob that can be assembled as a through or stud knob by you, whenever you want. Need a stud knob? No problem, install a hex bolt and away you go. Need a  through knob? Install a hex nut. It's that simple.

Heavy duty? Yes, heavy duty. Most low cost plastic knobs are moulded with the threaded insert right up against the bottom of the knob making it easy to pull out and far less durable. The new Multi-Knob features a uniquely moulded hex shaped recess on the top side of a 1/4” (6.35mm) thick reinforced layer. This design makes the Multi-Knob extremely durable and resistant to pull out, an ideal attribute for frequently used woodworking applications.

Knobs are packaged in packs of four. No special hardware required.

Made in U.S.A.



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