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Woodpeckers | Mini Scraper

R 499.90

Woodpeckers Mini Scraper

You'll Wonder How You Ever Got Along Without It. This is  a perfect example of applying existing cutting-edge technology to an entirely new purpose. Simple fasten a carbide insert to a comfortable handle and “Voil`a”, you have Woodpeckers latest tool, a super-handy mini-sized wood scraper. This tool excels at glue removal and is an effective wood scraper that gets into tight places regular scrapers can't reach.

This Solid Carbide Blade Starts Sharp, Stays Sharp. Woodworkers know carbide tooling holds a sharp edge for a long time. Some years ago, carbide insert tooling was first used on spiral cutter heads for jointers and planers. This tooling offered four sharp edges on each insert. The Mini-Scraper delivers the same reusable convenience. 

Get a proper finish-quality cut using a pulling motion with the Mini-Scraper at a high angle.

Woodpeckers' standard insert's edges are ground with a slight camber to help prevent marring your wood surface. We also offer an optional, perfectly square carbide insert for getting into square corners.

Scrapes Wet Or Dry Glue, Works Great In Tight Corners, Won't Rust. The Mini-Scraper's rugged carbide blade will pop the toughest dried glue right off your work. When you find dreaded dried glue in a tight corner, the Mini-Scraper removes it with ease.