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Woodpeckers | Cast Aluminium Router Plate (for Triton Routers)

R 2,799.90

Woodpeckers Cast Aluminium Router Plate

If you're looking for the highest quality router plate money can buy, you found it.

The Woodpeckers Cast Aluminium Router Plate is stronger, stiffer and less prone to warp or flex then other aluminium, polycarbonate or acrylic router plate on the market. In addition, its durable, low friction anodised coating makes it easier and smoother for wood to glide across. Although this fixture grade material is more expensive, its numerous advantages make it well worth the few extra Rands for what is typically a one time purchase.

Along with superior materials, each Woodpeckers Router Plate features eight top accessible fine pitch levelling screws and two adjustable spring loaded plungers to make it easy to achieve a flush and perfect fit in your router table opening.

With each Woodpeckers Cast Aluminium Router Plate, you also receive x TwistLOCK Rings, a steel starting pin, a spanner wrench and router mounting screws. The ring opening sizes are 1" (25.4mm), 1-3/16" (32mm) and 2-5/8" (67mm). The router plate itself has a 3-9/16" (91mm) opening to fit any commonly available router bit.

Dimensions: 9-1/4" (234mm) x 11-3/4" (298mm) x 3/8" (9.52mm) thick.

Fits the following Models:

  • Triton  TRC-001 Plunge Router
  • Triton  MOF-001KC Plunge Router
  • Triton  JOF-001 Plunge Router
  • Triton TRA-001 Plunge Router

TwistLOCK Insert Rings included with the Woodpeckers Router Plate:

  • 1" ( 25.4mm) TwistLOCK Insert Ring
  • 1-3/16" (32mm) Stepped TwistLOCK Insert Ring
  • 2-5/8" ( 67mm) TwistLOCK Insert Ring


A separate (8) piece TwistLOCK Insert Ring Set is available with sizes other than the three Insert Rings that are  already included with your router plate.

 Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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