Woodpeckers Variable Pressure Featherboards (2 Pack)

  • R 799.90


Woodpeckers new Variable Pressure Featherboard is the first featherboard whose pressure can be adjusted without moving the featherboard.

Featherboards are an invaluable tool to control stock when routing, shaping, ripping and resawing. When properly installed, the featherboard should keep your work piece against the guide fence, down on the table and should reduce the possibility of dangerous kick-back.

One important part of proper installation is setting its position just right for effective pressure. Up until now that required trial-and-error positioning of the featherboard. Each time knobs have to be loosened and the device adjusted and then try it one more time. It isn't unusual to have to repeat this process two or three times to get the pressure just right.

Not anymore! Woodpeckers Variable Pressure Featherboards have a built in adjustment plate that increases or reduces holding pressure with a very simple adjustment. There's absolutely no need to change the featherboard's position to change the pressure.

The new Woodpeckers Variable Pressure Featherboards are  designed for any application that requires control of wood position as it's being fed along a fence or on a table. It can attach to any 1/4" T-track with the standard included hardware.

Made in U.S.A.



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