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Veritas Variable Burnisher

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Cabinet scrapers are among the most useful (and least expensive) tools in a woodworking shop. Unfortunately, many woodworkers have difficulty putting the optimum hook on a scraper for the job at hand. Since scrapers have four working edges, it is possible to make one into a highly versatile tool with each edge having a different cutting characteristic. The problem that most people have, is choosing the best burnishing angle and then attempting to hold the burnisher at exactly that angle.

The Veritas Variable Burnisher eliminates this problem and makes burnishing incredibly easy. It has a carbide rod fixed in a brass hub at an angle. A knob on the face of the body lets you set any angle from 0° to 15°. You rotate the hub to the chosen angle and then lock it into position with the brass thumbscrew. Because the burnisher body is slotted, you can burnish a scraper with confidence that the angle is being maintained.

The high impact-resistant, injection-molded body has brass fittings and uses a polished carbide rod in the business section. Includes complete instructions for forming and using a variety of hook angles, as well as a milled-edge scraper to practise on. The  patented Veritas burnishing system makes it possible for anyone to perfectly burnish cabinet scrapers to their desired angle every time.