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Veritas | Mitre Box Guides Kit

R 199.00


Veritas has become a leader in product development, more than meeting the needs of discerning woodworkers. The Veritas team combine talent with modern manufacturing to make each Veritas product your lifelong companion.

  • The Veritas Mitre Box Guides Kit
  • It's not easy to find a good mitre box these days – most are cheaply made and completely unreliable
  • With these saw guides, you can make your own mitre box, customised to fit the saw you use to ensure accurate cuts
  • Moulded from Delrin®, a modern bushing material, the guides are self-lubricating, allowing your saw to glide smoothly through the cut
  • The set includes 45°, 90° and 135° guides, enough to create a single mitre box
  • Perhaps the best part about these guides is that they can be re-used, letting you salvage them from a box that has seen better days to create a new one
  • Height of guide 15mm