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Vallorbe Large Saw File - Larger toothed saws 4 teeth per inch

R 569.00
SKU 20TF022

The large file is for larger toothed saws 4 teeth per inch and large i.e. Rip Saws, One and Two Man Cross Cut Saws (still recommended for sharpening the tooth part of the one man crosscut saw as well as the flat file for the gullets).

Three-Square Needle Files are triangular shaped, gradually tapering to end in a rounded point.  All sides are cut.  

Glardon-Vallorbe Swiss Made Precision Files-The world's standard for quality and performance!

Glardon-Vallorbe Swiss Made Precision Files are manufactured to precise production standards, using a combination of machine cutting and hand craftsmanship to produce the most accurate, best cutting, and longest-lasting files in the world. They are made of the finest heat-tempered, chrome alloy steel and have the "right" feel, action and balanced desired by all true craftsmen. Glardon-Vallorbe Swiss Made Precision Files deliver superior performance on all metals. Simply the best you can buy!