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Tormek T8 Sharpening System, Water Cooled

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The Tormek T-8 Sharpening System is the perfect answer to your sharpening requirements.

For any professional or amateur needing a versatile, reliable and repeatable sharpening system, the Tormek T-8 should be on the top of your list. The Tormek T-8 has a 250mm x 50mm water-cooled grindstone and a 220mm x 31mm leather tyred honing wheel.

Powered by a quiet 200W motor, Tormek’s unique and efficient drive system maintains constant speed, even under load. Your edge tools can be sharpened with the Supergrind wheel, cutting towards or away from the edge. The T-8 features a strong, cast-alloy casing & the mounting sleeves for the universal support are an integral part of the casting. This design eliminates the possibility of any misalignment between the universal support and the grinding wheel.

The Universal Support Bar has a Micro-Adjuster, which makes setting up or replicating a sharpening angle easy and highly accurate.

The Advanced Water Trough features a screw lift mechanism. You can fit it, fill it and then by simply turning the knob, raise the trough to bring the water into contact with the stone. It makes removing the trough for emptying just as simple. The Tormek T-8 includes a magnetic scraper for efficient cleaning.

The unit has an NVR safety switch with a strong waterproof cover. The Tormek T-8 is suitable for use in education and other areas where an NVR switch is a necessity.

The Tormek T-8 Set includes a TT-50 Truing and Dressing Tool, SP-650 Stone Grader, WM-200 Angle Setting Guide, PA-70 Honing Paste and Dressing Oil for the honing wheel. In addition, there is a comprehensive handbook and Tormek DVD all packed in a strong storage tray.

The Tormek T-8 also includes the upgraded SE-77 jig for square edge tools. Its design features a movable side and fine adjustment. This ensures a precise 90° angle between your blade’s edge and side. It also offers the possibility to create a slightly cambered edge.

The Tormek wet-grinding method leaves a polished, burr-free edge without overheating the tool. Wet grinding significantly extends the life of your tools; it removes less material without affecting the temper of the steel.


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