Tormek Replacement Parts, EsyLock Shaft System, for T3 & 1200, MSK-200

  • R 819.00


The new Tormek MSK-200 EzyLock Shaft System Kit includes a self-tightening knob to secure the grindstone.

No tools are required and you don’t need to exert any pressure on the nut to secure the grindstone. EzyLock makes it very easy to change grindstones, from the standard aluminium oxide to either of the speciality stones.

The shaft and washer are made of stainless steel. The nut is a composite material for the T-3. The kit includes an EzyLock Shaft, EzyLock Nut, two replacement nylon bearings, cross pin, stone washer and drive wheel washer. 

The Tormek MSK-200 fits the T-3 and any other 200mm Tormek machine.




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