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Tormek Advanced Square Edge Sharpening Jig, SE-77

R 999.90


The one word used to describe the Tormek SE-77 Advanced Square Edge Sharpening Jig is that it is adjustable. You could say it is an improved version of the SE-76, but it really does so much more.

The SE-77 provides you with an adjustable side and square corner permitting the user to sharpen square edged tools like chisels, beveled edge chisels and plane irons up to 76mm in width with unparalleled accuracy. It also accommodates Japanese chisels which are shorter and have a tapered shape.

The jig can also be used to camber plane irons. The degree of cambering is determined by the type of plane and thickness of the shavings. Thanks to the adjustable side on the SE-77, you can achieve the optimal convex shape for your plane iron.