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Tork Craft | Diamond Blade Segmented 115mm Pinnacle Brand

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Diameter: Ø115mm
Bore: Ø22,23mm
Max rpm: 13,300 rpm
Use: Concrete, brick, paving & building materials

The segmented diamond blade is also known as a dry cut blade and is mostly used on dry cutting applications. Air flow cools the blade by making use of segments and cut-outs (gullets) in the body of the blade to dissipate heat.

The segments also have improved clearance of debris to allow for a swifter cut with a relatively smooth finish, however chipping may occur.

Segmented blades are the best option when water isn't available. The blades are durable and have a long life compared to other blades.


  • Make multiple shallow cuts instead of a single deep cut
  • Do not side grind a cutting blade
  • Fit the blade in the correct rotation direction
  • The life expectancy and cutting performance of the blade will be reduced when fitted reversed
  • It is also prone to becoming glazed
  • When a diamond blade is glazed, it feels smooth to the touch with little to no diamonds exposed
  • This happens when the metal bond on the segment is too hard for the material it is cutting
  • To rectify - expose more diamonds on the segments by making shallow cuts in a soft, abrasive material like limestone
  • A short diamond blade life is a result of using a blade with a soft metal bond on a more abrasive material such as sandstone or asphalt
  • Wet cutting will extend the life of the blade
  • Select the correct blade for the material