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Toolcraft | Magnets Rare Earth 25X3mm | MND0036

R 349.90


  • The Toolcraft 25mm Ø Rare Earth magnets are amazingly powerful. From experience, don't let these magnets snap closed of the soft parts of your hands, it will result in a blood blister and pain!
  • Rare Earth Magnets utilise Neodymium and are recognised for their superior magnetic force and these magnets are true to their name. While these magnets are great for any project which will be hung on a metal surface, they also work incredibly well for small box tops, cabinet doors, tool racks, knife holders and a variety of jigs
  • The 25mm Rare Earth Magnets are excellent for use in jigs that attach to table saw and band saw surfaces and have an endless variety of applications
  • Each Rare Earth Magnet measure 25mm in diameter and is 3mm thick
  • Sold in Packs of 10 Magnets