Toolcraft Gray Flexible Dust Collection Hose, 4" Diameter, 3M X 101mm

  • R 499.90
  • Save R 300


The Toolcraft PVC Flexible Dust Extraction Hose is the ideal product for connecting up you stationary machines such as Table Saws, Router Tables, Spindle Moulders, Thicknessers, Jointers and Sanding Machines to your Central Dust Collector.

This Flexible Dust Hose is ideal as it is very flexible allowing easy configuration of  you dust collection system and it is clear which allows you to identify blockages in the hose near machines saving much frustration.


  • Fully Flexible
  • Length: 3 Metres
  • Diameter: 4" / 100mm
  • Wall Material: Soft PVC
  • Colour: Clear

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