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Stanley | Powerlock Tape Measures 8m

R 269.90
It can be quite tough to find a good tape measure these days – unless you have access to aStanley Powerlock, that is. Powerlocks have a classic no-frills look and feel which make them easily recognized amongst hobbyists and pros alike.

There are so many mediocre (or worse) tapes from no-name brands around, that many people don’t even know what a good tape measure feels like!


  • Markings are bold, sharp, and clearly printed on the blade


  • Grooved grip around the metal body is simple, yet comfortable
  • Blade slides out quickly and easily with little friction
  • Blade retracts slower to prevent violent blade whiplash
  • Sturdy lock holds blade securely


  • Sweaty hands and smooth metal-bodied tape measures don’t always mix well…