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Stabila | Spirit Level Type 81 SV REM W45, 25cm (Online Only)

R 1,145.90
SKU 541-252

Stabila Torpedo Spirit Level Type 81 SV REM W45 25cm - Ideal for metal as well as for checking slopes and 45° angles

    In steel construction you often need both hands free to work with, making a level with rare earth magnets that have extra-strong holding power a must. With its milled measuring surface and V-groove, it holds firmly on all steel structures especially rounded surfaces. This level has vials which can measure horizontal with gradients of 1% and 2%, a vertical vial and a third which allows you to find a 45° angle. This level is practical, precise, convenient, and robustly built, typical STABILA. 

    • Compact, tough, cast aluminium profile spirit level with six-ring horizontal vial for 1% and 2% slope measurement and additional 45° angle vial
    • Slender, trapezoidal profile shape
    • Extra-strong rare-earth magnet system for adhesion to metal objects – leaves the hands free when aligning and adjusting pillars and supports
    • Precision-milled V-groove measuring surface for optimum hold on pipes
    • 45° angle vial for directly checking trusses and 45° pipelines
    • With a length of only 25cm, the torpedo spirit level is ideally suited for applications in cramped conditions
    • Easy cleaning
    • STABILA installation technology ensures long-term accuracy – measuring accuracy in normal position is ± 0,5mm/m and ± 0,75mm/m in reverse position
    • Equipment: 1 six-ring horizontal vial, 1 vertical vial, 45° angle vial, 1 milled V-groove measuring surface, rare-earth magnet system (up to 5 times stronger than standard ferrite magnets), belt pouch

    Application examples

    • The extra-strong adhesion of the rare-earth magnets is needed for metal construction and scaffolding in particular, as well as for fitting and welding


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