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Sjobergs Workbench, Smart Vise

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R 1,699.90


The Sjöbergs Smart Vise is an excellent portable & practical work surface for easy hands-free jobs. It can be attached to most surfaces with a couple of clamps. It is Smart, Space Saving and Effective, simple as that! 

Built from laminated Nordic Birch, this Portable Workbench is smart, simple and a joy to use. As a portable work station, you locate it wherever you need to work. It is ideal for woodworking, making repairs and woodcarving.


  • Worktop constructed from laminated Nordic Birch.
  • Professional Quality Vise Construction.
  • Four included spring loaded Round Bench Dogs automatically adjust to non-parallel surfaces
  • Double Row of Round Bench Dog Holes.
  • The full width Front Vise includes bench dog holes. 
  • All Sjobergs Woodworking Benches carry a 10 Year warranty.


    • Model: Smart Vise
    • Item #: 33274
    • Material: Solid Knot Free European Beech
    • Worktop Length: 307mm
    • Total Length: 362mm
    • Worktop Width: 362mm
    • Vise Capacity: 110mm
    • Nett Weight: 6.7 Kg
    • Package Size: 450mm x 375mm 82mm

    Sjöbergs in English from Sjöbergs of Sweden on Vimeo.