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Sjobergs Workbench, Scandi Plus 1425, Professional

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R 16,999.00


The Sjöbergs Scandi Plus 1425 Woodworking Bench strikes a wonderful balance between size & functionality and ranks as a best selling workbench worldwide. It has been designed and built by professionals for professionals.

The entire bench is constructed in European Beech and thoroughly treated with top quality oil. The versatility of the Scandi Plus 1425 Woodworking Bench, together with it's unbeatable strength and quality, allows us to offer you a comprehensive workstation.


  • Worktop in Solid European Beech.
  • Double Row of Round Bench Dog Holes.
  • The Scandi Plus 1425 accommodates your main vise in either a left or right hand format configuration.
  • The Scandi Plus 1425 Woodworking Bench can accommodate either the Sjobergs SM03 Cupboard / Drawer Unit or the SM07 Cupboard /Shelf Unit.
  • The Scandi Plus 1425 features a full width end vise with dog holes.
  • All Sjobergs Woodworking Benches carry a 10 Year warranty.


  • Model: Scandi Plus 1425
  • Item #: 33280
  • Material: European Beech
  • Worktop Length: 1375mm
  • Worktop Width: 580mm
  • Worktop Thickness: 38mm
  • Skirt Thickness: 110mm
  • End Vise Width: 580mm
  • Working Height: 900mm
  • Nett Weight: 53Kg
  • Package Size: 1660mm x 750mm x 201mm

Sjöbergs Scandi Plus from Sjöbergs of Sweden on Vimeo.

Sjöbergs in English from Sjöbergs of Sweden on Vimeo.