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- Sneezing sawdust? Get up to 50% OFF our EZ Flex Dust Hoses -

Sjöbergs | Workbench Elite 2000 Professional

R 33,199.00


(Image shown excludes woodworking tools and optional storage module)

  • The Sjöbergs Elite 2000 Woodworking Bench is both heavier and smarter than most other workbenches on the market
  • It has been designed and built by professionals for professionals
  • The entire bench is constructed in European Beech and thoroughly treated with top quality oil
  • The versatility of the Elite Woodworking Bench, together with it's unbeatable strength and quality, allows us to offer you the ultimate workstation


  • Worktop in Solid European Beech
  • Double Row of Round Bench Dog Holes
  • Front Vise and full width End Vise
  • The Elite 2000 can be configured in either a left hand use or right hand use format
  • The Elite 2000 Woodworking Bench can accommodate either the Sjobergs SM04 Cupboard/Drawer Unit or the SM08 Cupboard/Shelf Unit
  • Included with your Elite 2000 is a 4 Pack of Sjobergs Steel Bench Dogs


  • Model - Elite 2000
  • Item # - 33458
  • Material - European Beech
  • Worktop Length - 1805mm
  • Worktop Width - 600mm
  • Worktop Thickness - 85mm
  • Skirt Thickness - 110mm
  • Vise Width - 600mm
  • Working Height - 900mm
  • Nett Weight - 125Kg
  • Package Size - 2580X770X137mm

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