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Sjobergs | Accessory, Holdfast, QSH Elite, 1 Pack

R 1,099.00


  • This Sjöbergs QSH Elite Holdfast Is a truly indispensable and intelligently designed workholding accessory for  Elite Workbench use, or any application where there is a 1" (25.4mm) dog hole available 
  • This excellent holdfast fits into the 1'' dog holes in the benchtop for clamping items horizontally, or in the trestle legs for clamping large boards or doors on edge
  • It swivels 360° and slides vertically to accommodate different stock thicknesses
  • Holdfasts allow you to clamp items while still having access to most of the perimeter of your workpiece—extremely useful when edge routing
  • A really great value for money product from Sjobergs


  • Fits any 1" (25.4mm) Dog Hole
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Plastic non marring cap on the clamping head.
  • Designed for Sjobergs Elite Workbench use .


    • Model: QSH
    • Item #: 33635

    Sjöbergs in English from Sjöbergs of Sweden on Vimeo.



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